Screw mixers

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The SCREW MIXERS are designed to mix a wide variety of bulk materials. They are designed to provide mixture and transportation of professional mixes. The elements move the product from the bottom to the top, and then back down, creating a tumbling effect. If you are looking for mixers, Unitech Co Ltd. offers a complete range of mixers for standard or heavy-duty applications.


  • Various models adapted to your mixing requirements
  • Shaft-mounted gear motor for less maintenance
  • Safety guards included and in accordance with highest regulations (CE)

Solutions for

Growing Media, Salt, Sugar, Grain, Bird Feed, Animal Feed, Fish Feed, Talc, Sand, Chemicals, Other Wood Products, Wood Chips, Wood Flour, Wood Pellets, Wood Shavings, Corn Seeds, Grass Seeds, Sorghum Seeds, Soybean Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Fertilisers, Plastic Pellets, Polymers and Resins, Minerals, Forestry.


  • Rotation detector
  • Full stainless steel design