Prevantive maintenance

Keeping your equipment in good order is essential for efficient production. A preventive maintenance program can prevent or quickly remedy problems thus eliminating the possibility of any unwelcome surprises.

Periodic maintenance performed by qualified personnel will ensure long equipment life, safe operation and optimum performance.

This is why the Unitech Co Service team offers you five preventive maintenance (PM) programs: Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each of these has a different degree of technical intervention depending on your overall production level. It is valid for one year with a minimum of two visits per year and it includes a discount (up to 10% off) on spare parts.

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  • Diamond – 2 to 4 visits annually – 80 hours on site
  • Platinum – 2 to 3 visits annually – 60 hours on site
  • Gold – 2 to 3 visits annually – 48 hours on site
  • Silver – 2 visits annually – 32 hours on site
  • Bronze – 2 visits annually – 16 hours on site


  • Up to 10% off on spare parts for 1 year
  • Your preferred technician, scheduled far in advance
  • Preferential rates on service visits all year
  • Ensure long equipment life and optimum performance
  • Timely routine repairs mean fewer large-scale repairs
  • Better-quality output
  • Reduced unexpected downtime
  • Improved safety conditions

After every visit, the Maintenance Service Technician will provide you with a report that includes:

  • Overall condition of equipment
  • Parts replacement needs
  • Available retrofits and updates
  • Pictures of and comments concerning equipment failure