унитех ко


On 09.02.2016, “UNITECH CO” Ltd. signed a CG with the ME in procedure BG16RFOP002-2.001 “Improving production capacity in SMEs” and was presented at a ceremony on 16.02.2016 in Sofia.

The project proposal entitled “Improving the production capacity in “UNITECH CO” Ltd.” totals at 199 783.00 BGN, 70% of this amount is financed by the European Union and totals at 139 848.10 BGN.

Under a CG with № BG16RFOP002-2.001-940-С01 a vertical machining center will be purchased.

            The main objective of the project proposal is to increase the competitiveness of the company and provide an opportunity to expand market share in the domestic and export markets.

The specific objectives are:

  1. Renovation of production facilities to increase productivity
  2. Increasing the efficiency of production by reducing the cost of manufactured products
  3. Implementation of high added value of its products

The period of execution of the CG is 12 months.