Unitech Co. Ltd. Was founded in 1999 in the city of Gabrovo entirely with private capital. The company’s main activity is research, engineering and development of equipment for the food industry – from single machines to processing lines and plants. The company offers its clients state-of-the-art technological solutions to all their requirements and works to specifically address the problems of each individual client. In Unitech Co. Ltd., the people are driven by the client’s satisfaction. The entire team is dedicated to supporting the growth of its clients by putting their needs in the heart of everyday decision making. The systematic aim and effort of the company are pointed towards prediction and response to the evolving needs of the industry and stable solutions for the automation of the processes. Innovation is also a major focus for our company. Following our policy of constant evolution requires of us to constantly perfect our skills and knowledge, with which our collective works. Achieving optimal results by stimulating creative thinking in the team is a primary priority. Our main purpose is to continue to meet your needs in the most creative way. All our products are certified for full compliance. The company is certified to EN ISO 9001:2015.

  • vertical packaging machines
  • horizontal packaging machines
  • flowpack packaging machines
  • rotational packaging machines
  • cellophane packaging machines
  • thermoforming (blister) packaging machines
  • filling machines
  • weight dosing devices
  • auger dosing devices
  • volumetric dosing devices
  • labelling lines
  • incoming (supply) and outgoing (outlet) conveyors
  • spiral conveyors
  • transport and inspection belts
  • mixers and blenders
  • dryers
  • and other non-standard equipment, specified by the customer.